# Assertion

The Assertion represents a single test assertion run by test data results from an Ensemble against a Benchmark.

# Object


GET /v1/assertion/<assertion_uuid>

# Overview

  "assertion_uuid": "1ccfedf4-411a-4391-82d5-d97cdbe7cf6d",
  "timestamp": "Mon, 08 Mar 2021 22:37:06 GMT",
  "benchmark_uuid": "9682bd54-0d0c-499b-9939-1c91ca93aca0",
  "ensemble_uuid": "0f3959db-9c42-4ca2-8c0f-a2064662c1f2",
  "size": 1000,
  "asserted": false,
  "diff": {
    "indices": [0],
    "inputs": [
      [10.8947, 95, "FALSE"]

# Attributes

  • assertion_uuid: Identifier of Assertion
  • timestamp: Datetime when Assertion was made
  • benchmark_uuid: Identifier of Benchmark tested in Assertion
  • ensemble_uuid: Identifier of Ensemble used to generate test data for Benchmark and Assertion
  • size: Number of cases included in Ensemble
  • asserted: Result of Assertion (true or false)
  • diff: If asserted=false, contains indexes and values of failing Ensemble rows