# Authentication

API keys are used to authenticate all requests made to the Hypervector API.

# Getting your key

Your API key is available on the Admin panel of the Dashboard (opens new window). From here, you can also reset the API key to rotate to a new key value - note this action makes the previous API key value invalid.

# Using a key

# With hypervector-wrapper

hypervector-wrapper provides a simple means of programmatically setting your API key when you import the package in your Python environment.

import hypervector
hypervector.API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY"

# With HTTP requests

Under the hood, the API makes use of the x-api-key header field for incoming HTTP requests to examine keys. You can add your API key to requests directly using this attribute

--header 'x-api-key:YOUR_API_KEY'

# API key safety

Your API key is the identifier for your usage on the service, so keep it secure. If you have any concerns about an API key being compromised, you can reset your key on the Admin panel or contact Hypervector directly.